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8 Sessions of real experiences of families with children with Diffability.

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Emergency Parent Pack

Resources for parents who have just found out their child has a DIFFABILITY such as Autism, Asbergers, Cerebral Palsy or Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

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Full TWIM Series PLUS Music Packs

You do NOT need special instruments to employ the strategies of Music Interaction that we share in our TWIM program.  However, we have arranged for discounted packs of musical instruments for TWIM families at a special rate. Contact us for a catalogue.

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Welcome to the THIS WAY IN TO MUSIC program pages.

We know it can be challenging to have a child, or children, who have different neurological or physical abilities to others in the community.

I know, as I am the parent of a child on the Spectrum (Autism Spectrum). I found it frustrating to get my child the attention I felt he needed at every step of his journey through his early years until he started University.  I went into special education (special needs education) as a Music Interaction Program trainer and worked for over 20 years in the UK education system, helping others learn these methods.  Now, I'm offering my program and insights to parents who want to use the POWER of MUSIC to help their children grow and progress in life.


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Request a catelogue or an in person session with one of the TWIM team members.  You can also phone us on +61.421.99.55.22.